A2P: Application To Person
Service of verification, and / or notification by sending SMS messages by request
from out platform to an end mobile user.

Check and Confirm your action

With the A2P is authenticated with code to each new user by means of a sms to the desired number, having that filter no other user will be able to
receive the same code twice, in this way it becomes more secure this service.

Get a new password

This service allows you to reset passwords,
ending the long authentication now using a
sms you can do a password reset directly to
the user's cell phone.

Increase utility
Reliability to your customers
Quality in our product


How to apply it?

On the other hand, we have vast experience in value-added services, management and administration of large amounts of data, high availability and security; such as e-commerce, online banking and financial solutions.


Installing an application
Purchases made
Single Use Security Codes
Programmed Validity among other possibles uses
Useful tool in bank notifications

Critical Alerts
Authentication of double confirmation by SMS
Automatic Booking Confirmation
Marketing notifications


Mobile, landline, or toll free, outbound, or unbound,

there's what it will cost you SMS API services.


per message

Outbound messages
(all networks)